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                Welcome Foshan Shunde Dustrial Machinery Co.,LtdDE kai machinery co., LTD
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                Welcome To Our Website

                DE kai machinery co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, is a big pillow packaging machine, sealing and cutting shrink packing machine, pipe machine independent research and development such as packaging machine manufacturers, the company involved in the field is very broad, have good reputation in all walks of life. DE kai machinery has a senior professional and technical team of engineers, with four years of professional experience in production machinery research and development. Focus on DE kai packaging machinery products in line with "customer oriented, science and technology as the power, talent as the cornerstone, quality is life" principle, over the years, constantly pioneering and innovation, and enterprising. And international famous brands of imported spare parts, imported electric components and pneumatic components. "Your support is our motivation, there is a power we can only make progress! Customer requirements is our goal!" We DE kai is equipped with a professional enthusiastic sales team, as well as perfect after-sale service and norms on the basis of the system as a backstop. We will try our best to offer you new and old customers with high efficiency, good...

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                Contact: Manager he

                Phone: 13535777772 18934376863

                Tel: 0757-27886863


                Add: No.14-2-4 of Jiyue Industrial Zone,Leliu,Shunde,Foshan,GD,China

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